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2amholy's Journal

2am holy
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your words, pictures, whatever.

you're holy like whispered words at 2am.

"almost a rating community, but not quite."
comment on the first post, telling i, britt, that you are not an idiot, and that you are submitting an application to the community.
submit your application by first post. will be moderated and posting if accepted. if rejected, will be deleted, not posted, and if horrible enough, banned.

post whatever. we're elitists. we're proud. ALL POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY. IF NOT, THEY WILL BE DELETED ON SIGHT. NO. WARNINGS. poems, pictures, happy little shots of your vaginas (just kidding!)- whatever. they're all accepted here. doodles, self portraits- PICTURES -always welcome.

shall be judged on two things: username. and content. (+rules above)
username... DOES IT SUCK? no? Join.
content... See above answer.
rules... Followed? Post.
accepted?... AWESOME!!!1

++application may be anything you choose. pictures, poems, thoughts- whatever. PLEASE INCLUDE at least TWO PROOFS of PROMOTION. please. other than that, s'all yours.
++applications are accepted two ways, as a comment on the first and only public post (this will also make the application public.) or, as a friends-only post directly to the community. the latter, is moderated, and either approved or rejected.

mod: woosome.

ps- don't advertise your community. it makes us look trashy.